EOP, as the owner of the Industrial Park Opatovice, prefers to locate such projects which will utilise the available synergies. EOP offers especially supplies of heat and cold, steam and hot or cold water. Further, there is a possibility to connect to the electricity network and additionally to the potable water and technological water network and to the sewerage systems.


EOP offers connection to the 100 kV switching station on its site.

For IPO needs are available 2 transformers 35 kV per 16 MVA. It is condsidering the supply of electricity up to 3 x 40 MVA


The heat for heating and technology will be supplied from the heat source of EOP in the form of steam or hot water.

The parameters shall be as required by the technology of the project.


Connection to natural gas network (high-pressure DN500 network) is available in the village of Čeperka located approx. 0.7 km from the Park, or in the village of Borek located approx. 4 km from the Park. The capacity of the gas network is approx. 500 million m3/year.

Technological Water

Raw (technological) water is available from the river Labe, within the sufficient allocation for the power station. Raw water is brought through the raw water feeder on EOP site where the new project can connect to the distribution network. Available at the EOP Water Treatment Plant:

  • Softened water
  • Demineralised water

Drinking Water

The Industrial Park is connected to two sources of drinking water. EOP uses its own drinking water source – two wells located outside the EOP site. This drinking water is pumped to the third well on EOP site at the coal handling building. From there it goes to the water treatment plant and further to the distribution network on EOP site.

The back-up source of drinking water for EOP is the source Hrobice (operated by VaK Pardubice). The connection point for the new projects in the Park is the existing drinking water distribution on EOP site.


There is a sewerage system in the Industrial Park owned by EOP – the drainage as well as the sewerage system.

The drainage system is led through the whole EOP site and runs into the industrial water channel. It is possible to connect the new projects to this existing drainage system.

The sewerage system leads through the EOP site and runs into the EOP central water purification plant. It is possible to connect to this sewerage system at EOP, too.

Other Synergies with EOP

The neighbourhood of EOP offers even more synergies, for example waste removal using the EOP central intermediate depot, use of EOP by-products during the construction, storing, catering, site management, healthcare services, EOP railway siding connected to the national railway network in Opatovice nad Labem and access through EOP site.


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