Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions and their answers for your better orientation:

1. What is a suitable business for the Industrial Park?

The Industrial Park is well accessible and there is a possibility to benefit from the synergies with the Opatovice Power Plant (Elektrárny Opatovice, a. s.), especially from direct supplies of heat, cool, steam, demineralised water and other infrastructure and services. Therefore the Industrial Park is suitable especially for those investors whose businesses demand a large volume of energy and other utilities.

2. Are there any limitations?

The limitations are dependent on utilization of the land plots which must be in accordance with the valid zoning plans of the given cadastre. Most of the areas can be used for heavy industry, but some areas are intended only for light industry. Other potential restrictions which may arise from the character of the planned construction or operations are recommended to be consulted and resolved individually.

3. When is it possible to start the projects?

One of the big advantages is the possibility to start construction immediately. For more details, see the land offer.

4. Are you planning to expand the Park any further?

Yes, prospectively is being considered to expand of the industrial zone by approx 8 ha after the year 2030.

5. What are the advantages of direct supply of heat and electricity?

The investor may be connected not only to direct deliveries of heat and electricity but and also to deliveries of steam, demineralised water, filtered water, drinking water, to the sewerage system etc. The main advantage is that the investor does not have to pay high costs of technology to satisfy the needs of the production itself. There are no service and maintenance costs; therefore the investor is free to concentrate on their core subject of business only. Moreover, the direct deliveries of utilities and services are cheaper than their self-reliant production or if connected to the distribution network.

6. Is it possible to use the railway siding for transport?

Definitely, the investor may also use the railway cargo transport; there is a railway siding on EOP site leading from the train station Opatovice nad Labem.


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