Strategic location of the Industrial Park between two regional capitals (Hradec Králové, Pardubice) has a great potential. Many local advantages and incentives may be benefitted from, especially:

  • Advantageous location in the Czech Republic and an excellent accessibility
  • Energy independence and safety
  • Existing infrastructure (first category international airport, international railway corridor, closeness of D11 motorway)
  • Qualified workforce, especially in electrical and chemical industry (Secondary School of Chemistry, Secondary Technical School of Electrical Industry, Integrated Secondary School, University of Pardubice, University of Hradec Králové etc.)
  • Presence of foreign institutions: British Council, Alliance Française, Goethe Institut
  • New and developing housing areas in Hradec Králové and Pardubice
  • Grants for creation of new jobs, for training and retraining
  • High quality social, cultural and sports facilities in regional university cities
  • Readiness of local educational institutions to teach foreign languages from basic schools to universities

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